Bell ringing

Bell ringing

Is there a more cheerful sound than church bells ringing out on a Sunday morning?

Bells are believed to have been introduced to the Christian Church around 400 AD in Campania. Near Naples and this custom spread across Europe over the centuries. Their early purpose was to summon monks and nuns but gradually they were used to call local congregations to worship. Bells are at their most cheerful when rung for a wedding or some other happy occasion.

May our bells go on merrily ringing for many years to come.

We need some new or past ringers to carry on the tradition at St. John’s Church, so please come and help us. Anyone can ring, so do come up the tower on a Tuesday evening from 8pm to 9pm and see what goes on. Come and learn the art of bell ringing, you will be most welcome.

For further information please contact Chris Lee via email on and he will be more than happy to talk you through what you need to do to join in.

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